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The Ideal Gas Law

The ideal gas law allows us to model gas pressure at "normal" temperatures and pressures [Ref]: P = \frac{nRT}{V} Where:

P is pressure in atmospheres.
n is the number of gas particles in moles.
R is the universal gas constant - 0.0821 atm L / mol K.
T is the temperature in Kelvins.
V is the volume in litres.

Hooke's Law And Sping Constant

The force exerted by a spring can be described using Hooke's law: F = -k \times x Where:

F is the restoritative force exerted by the spring under extension or compression in newtons.
k is the spring constant.
x is the extension or compression in meters.

A Basic Govenor Valve

Adding Redundancy/Backup Valves